By Carolyn M. Chapman, Rita S. King

Create a good checking out surroundings and get ready scholars to do their most sensible with those worthwhile recommendations according to the way in which every one pupil learns, keeps, and transfers details to checks.

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Test Success in the Brain-Compatible Classroom

Create a good trying out setting and get ready scholars to do their top with those important innovations in accordance with the way in which every one scholar learns, keeps, and transfers info to checks.

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Nutrition: “Although our brain encompasses only 2% of our body’s weight, it uses 20% of all our nutrient energy” (p. 123). Play and games: “The recent reductions in school arts programs and an atmosphere of play are . . a biological tragedy that we’ll come to regret when our society matures in its understanding of our brain’s developmental and maintenance needs” (p. 132). Applications to Test Preparation • Use multisensory techniques to teach and practice test-taking strategies. • Engage students in exercise and interpersonal activities to provide pleasant experiences related to testing.

Experience it. Prove it. Take a field trip. Interpret the data. Live it. Use the statistics. Move body. Visual/Spatial Naturalist Intrapersonal Interpersonal Color code it. Label it. Use self-talk. Highlight it. Categorize it. Shape a word. Identify it. Work independently. Talk face-toface with someone. Interpret a graphic. Form a hypothesis. Read a chart. Conduct an experiment in nature. Study illustrations. Visualize it. Make a chart. Create a poster. Use graphic organizers. Construct a replica.

If possible, involve the student in creating the plan. 4. Share the plan with the student and/or parent. Include expectations. 5. If a negative behavior persists, involve parents with improvement goals. PLAYING THE IDEAL ROLE It is wise to remember that students are individuals; many of them have distracting habits. If a particular behavior neither interferes with the student’s learning nor bothers peers, ignore it. If it is a problem, work with the student toward improvement. Learning to play the ideal role, like Ready Richie, is just one skill students and performers must master to do their best on the big day.

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