By Derek Ellis

Environments at Risk is designed as an introductory textual content and makes use of case histories of environmental effect evaluation to elevate matters very important in controlling environmental difficulties. This strategy is novel as is the focus on review tactics. In his 20 years of involvement with such circumstances, Professor Ellis built his personal approach to procedure for auditing environmental effect exams, a style on the way to support readers appraise related instances during which they're concerned, both as involved citizen, environmental managers or assessors.

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On April 21, 1956, a sick child was taken to the factory pediatric clinic. The doctor recognised that the disease was strange, and found on exploring the situation that others were affected. Villagers knew that a disease had broken out, thought it was infectious and reportable, but were keeping quiet about it. The hospital initially isolated four patients in an infectious diseases ward, and conducted a regional search for others. They found about 50 cases in 40 families. On May 28, a local medical response team was formed to investigate and determine treatment.

6 m sockeye salmon will swim steadily only against flows less than about 1 m per second, and for flows faster than that it must find a resting place. The faster the flow against it, the sooner it must rest, and the shorter distance it can dart through. Pink salmon are generally slightly shorter fish and weaker swimmers than sockeye. As a result of their physiology, their most energy-conserving strategy is to select low current velocity routes allowing aerobic swimming. It is vital that they conserve energy, since they have stopped feeding, and their stored food is their Chutes Rapids Flats Canyons Fig.

1 Location Minamata Bay is tucked away on the eastern side of an inland sea (Fig. 1)referred to in the environmental literature as either the Yatsushiro Sea or the Shiranui Sea. These are also only part ofa more extensive complex of inland waters - the Ariake Sea - on the west coast of Japan's southernmost major island - K yushu. Several major cities occur there - Nagasaki, and Kumamoto City, the latter with a university from which the eventually successful, even if at times beleaguered, medical-scientific teams (Tokuomi 1969) were deployed to Minamata in 1956.

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