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Bioactive Natural Products (Part O)

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Inorganic Reactions in Organized Media

Content material: Surfactant organization constructions / Stig E. Friberg and Tony Flaim -- Radical pair reactions in micellar resolution within the presence and lack of magnetic fields / Nicholas J. Turro, Jochen Mattay, and Gary F. Lehr -- Light-induced electron move reactions of metalloporphyrins and polypyridyl ruthenium complexes in prepared assemblies / D.

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Degenhardt, J. Org. , 1980,45, 2763. 23 Three-Membered Ring Systems opening of the epoxide ring and hydrolysis in one step, with yields of 48-70%. Unfortunately, the yield of cartinine itself was only 15%, due to interfering hydrolysis of the ester. '34 The ionexchange resin Wofatit SBW (as its hydroxylated form) has been used as a catalyst for the reaction of phenol with ethene Nucleophilic Ring-opening Reactions with Carbanions. 13* Vinylic epoxides are particularly good alkylating agents for these species, which form 1,5-dienes that are oxygenated at both ends of the skeleton.

M. Jerina, J. Biol. , 1980,255,4698. C. Cortez and R. G. Harvey, Org. , 1978,58,12. W. H. Rastetter and L. J. Nummy, J. Org. , 1980,45,3149. J. McCaustland, P. H. Ruehle, and J. C. , J. Chem. ,Chem. , 1980,93. 14 Heterocyclic Chemistry carcinogen. The 8,9-oxide (86), a major initial metabolite of this compound, The major isolated has been synthesized in optically pure (+)- and liver metabolite of (86) is a diol with 8R,9R stereochemistry, and this has been shown to be enzymatically derived from the (+)-isomer.

R. Talaty, A . R. Clague, M. 0. Agho, M. N. Deshpande, P. M. Courtney, D. H. Burger. and E. F. Roberts, J. Chem. ,Chem. , 1980,889. W. D. Rudorf, Tetrahedron, 1980,36, 1791. 200This forms the last step in a mild, general method for preparation of oxazolines, starting from the conversion of a wide range of carboxylic acids into their acyl-imidazoles, with subsequent addition of aziridine, to give quantitative yields of the corresponding N-acyl-aziridines (260). 201The cell consisted of a platinum anode and a graphite cathode, using Bun4" C104 in MeOH, CH2C12,or MeCN as the electrolyte; yields of up to 80% have been reported, with low consumption of electricity.

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