By Jonathan Baillie

This research of the data inside the 2004 IUCN crimson record of Threatened Species presents an perception into the prestige and developments of the world’s species of vegetation and animals, with a spotlight on these at maximum hazard of extinction. The ebook highlights the taxonomic teams and species which are on the maximum hazard of extinction; fresh documented extinctions; developments within the prestige of threatened species, together with the hot purple record Index; areas of the realm the place threatened species are typically discovered; the threats which are riding species in the direction of extinction; the social and fiscal context during which extinctions are occurring; and the conservation responses which are to be had. This extensive research is the 1st significant ebook via the crimson record Consortium, a bunch of agencies comprising IUCN (in specific the Species Survival Commission), BirdLife foreign, Conservation foreign (in specific the guts for utilized Biodiversity Science), and NatureServe.

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2), and until such time as these are all re-evaluated, this category will persist as an artefact of the previous classification system. 2a). 1 Mammals, Birds and Amphibians The 1996 IUCN Red List (Baillie and Groombridge 1996) featured complete evaluations for all of the world’s bird and mammal species. Since then, the birds have been re-evaluated twice by BirdLife International and its partners (BirdLife International 2000, 2004a). A major advance for 2004 is the inclusion of a third completely evaluated group of vertebrates, namely the amphibians.

8 Photo: © WWF-Canon / David Hulse. 2 The Saola Pseudoryx nghetinhensis (Endangered) is generally considered to be the greatest mammal discovery in recent times, and is so different from any currently known species that a separate genus had to be created. It was only ‘discovered’ by western science in 1992 and described in 1993. Occurs in Lao PDR and Viet Nam. 1a) are the best evaluated group, with almost 40% of the species recorded on the IUCN Red List, while the plants and invertebrates are poorly evaluated by comparison.

10 on the Whiskery Shark). Restricted-range species occupying heavily fished areas, such as sawfishes and deep-sea dogfishes, typify some of the more seriously threatened species. Least Concern species share a number of features; they are abundant continued overleaf... 3 continued and/or widespread, occur in protected areas or areas with limited fishing, are not particularly susceptible to fisheries or are taken by well-managed fisheries. The SSG aims to have all the species assessed by 2006. All seven species of sawfishes (Pristidae) are listed as Critically Endangered or Endangered Sawfishes inhabit coastal tropical, subtropical and warmtemperate regions, often in estuaries and freshwater.

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